A dance solo by Inês Campos.

“It is a collage of metaphors about the challenge of being one and wanting to be so many. To be the tiger and the tamer, a sad clown and a burst of laughter, living several bodies, wanting to be the reality of your dreams. Like a wave in the sea, go through temporary states and be fully present in each of them. Wandering is an end in itself. A frenzy so good it feels like magic. And it is. Of course.”


Conception and Interpretation: Inês Campos
Music and sound design: Filipe Fernandes and João Grilo (Próbióticos)
Light Design and operation: Mariana Figueroa
Projection and drawing: Raphaël Decoster
Props & set design: Inês Campos, Mariana Figueroa and Marta Figueroa
Art Consulting: Pietro Romani
Promotional Photography: Raphaël Decoster
Audiovisual Record: Marta Figueroa
Residences: Teatro do Campo Alegre, Companhia Instável, Högskolan för scen och musik – Gothenburg, Teatro De Ferro, deVIR CAPa, Free Flow, Bando dos Gambozinos.
Financial support: Teatro Municipal do Porto
Acknowledgments: António Campos, Miguel Carneiro, Jorge Soares, JAS, Johannes Hallikas, Maria Lis, Feio, Ni Araújo, Tiago Candal, Teia Campos, Tânia Carvalho